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Golden Media High Gain  Octo LNB 208+

- For direct connection of up to  eight digital receivers

- low noise figure for weak signals

- with weather protection

High Gain Octo LNB 208+

SKU: 4260400860130
  • -For direct connection of up to eight digital receivers
    -low noise figure for weak signals
    -with weather protection

    -Noise figure: 0.1db (typ.)
    -Input frequency: 10.7-11.7GHz / 11.7-12.75GHz
    -Output Frequency: 950-1950MHz / 1100-2150MHz
    - Recording size: 40mm
    -Temperature range: -40° - +60°
    -Conversion gain: 55 - 65 dB
    -Maximum current consumption: 200mA
    -Extra long neck (F-Type) / With weather protection

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