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Golden Interstar Beta X WL:

The Golden Interstar Beta X WL is a device specially optimized for streaming with a clear Linux OS. The WL version has an integrated WLAN interface and therefore makes it particularly interesting. It meets all the modern requirements of a multimedia device, including streaming media support, video on demand (VoD),  playback of digital channels in high quality, as well as access to OTT content (Stalker , XTREAM), YouTube, Internet Radio+ (web radio) and others).
The device is only 11cm x 11cm x 2cm small.


Beta X WL Multimedia Box

SKU: 4260400860703
  • -Full HD streaming box
    -H.265 / HEVC (HD and SD resolution)
    -GX3201H chipset (32 bit)
    -CK610M 600MHz
    -2GB RAM DDR3
    -1GB Flash SPI NAND
    -Linux OS (high resolution user interface)
    -7 segment display
    -Internet Radio & YouTube
    -Stalker & Xtream streaming capable
    -WebTV & VOD Video Club
    -m3u, m3u8, m3u8plus, autoget m3u
    -WebIF & FTP access
    -integrietes WLAN / WiFi -Online Softwareupdates

    -HDMI 1.4 output
    -Ethernet port (RJ45 10/100 Mbps)
    -Audio Digital Output SPDIF (Coaxial)
    -2 x USB 2.0 ports

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