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2 SAT / 16 PARTICIPANTS (expandable)



For indoor use

Built-in amplifier

Ideal for medium or large SMATV systems

8 satellite IF+ 1 terrestrial input for 16 satellite receivers, expandable


Frequency: Satellite (MHz): 950-2150
     Terrestrial (MHz): 5-860

Inputs (F-connections): 8 Sat.+1 Terr.+ Power In

Outputs (F-connectors): 16 pcs.

Input attenuation: Trunk Sat. (dB): 3
                        Trunk Terr. (dB): 3
                      Tap Sat (dB): 2
                       Tap Territory (dB): 5

    Isolation: Trunk-Trunk (dB): /
                Cross polar (dB): 25
                  Tap-Tap(Sat) (dB): 28
                   Tap-Tap(Terr.) (dB): 25
              Rejection (dB): 25

Output attenuation: Trunk in/out (dB): 12
               Tap(dB): 10

Output level: Sat.(IMA335dB).EN50083-3 (dB): 100
                  Terr.(IMA360dB) EN50083-5 (dB): 88

Working voltage: 20V

LNB power supply Max: 2.5A

Power supply: external power pack 110-240V/50/60Hz (included)

Switching commands: 13V/0Hz, 18V/0Hz, 13V/22KHz, 18V/22KHz

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